We believe it is important to be as be transparent, so here's everything you need to know about National Advice Network.

The National Advice Network helps Australians gain access to quality advice with minimal fuss. We provide support and information around the financial planning process to help you make the right decisions regarding your financial future. We recommend financial advisors that are right for you, not what’s right for us.

Deal with us with confidence

Our consultants are highly trained and receive ongoing training to ensure they are up to date with the financial planning industry along with information on the advisers we work with. Most importantly, we understand that every client is an individual and different things are important to different people. By asking the right questions and getting to know you, we are able to assist the adviser we refer you to tailor the advice to meet your individual needs.

We’re not owned by a Financial Services company

We're proud to be a 100% Australian-owned company. We are not owned by an Insurance or Superannuation company so there is no pressure to sell specific financial products. We make our income through commercial agreements with financial planning firms. If you get advice from them, we receive a referral fee.​

Our service costs you nothing

You pay nothing for our expert service and it comes with no obligation. If you don't like the adviser we connect you with, there is no-obligation to proceed. If there is nothing we can do to help, we’ll be honest about it and tell you. Plus every adviser we work with operates under a ‘Best Interest Duty’. If they can’t put you in a better position, they won’t take you on as a client either.

How we make money

While our qualified service costs you nothing directly, someone has to pay in order for us to operate. The good news is, it doesn’t come directly out of your pocket. Instead of charging you a fee, if you decide to take advice from the company we refer you to we are paid a ‘commission’ by that company. Put simply, a commission is generally a percentage of the cost of the policy, product or plan you buy.

The commission we are paid by financial planning firms is an economical way for them to attract new customers, and in many cases costs less than their own advertising or sales activity.

Same price, no markup

The advisers we refer you to do not mark up the price of their advice, so you’ll pay the same as buying direct. This means you’ll pay exactly the same price using our services as you would going direct to the financial planning firm.

Who we work with

We work with quality, fully licensed financial advisers. We’re completely open about the fact we don’t compare every single financial advice company. We work with pre-vetted financial advice firms that have a passion for providing advice to everyday Australians in a simple and straight-forward way.

Protecting your privacy

We take our obligation to protect our customers’ personal information very seriously. All customer information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles.

We are not a Financial Planning firm

We are not a Financial Planning firm and do not offer or provide any financial advice. The financial advice you receive is obtained from third party fully licensed financial advisers and companies we refer you to and which you may engage to provide you with financial advice. We take no responsibility for the advice a third-party financial adviser provides to you. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, consequential loss or damage of any kind arising out of the supply or implementation of advice by any third-party financial advisers or companies.
Before proceeding with any advice, you have the right to ask your financial adviser as many questions as you wish and you must receive a Financial Services Guide. All costs and fees must be clearly explained to you by your financial adviser. If we refer you to an adviser there is absolutely no obligation for you to commit to any advice and there is no cost payable to us if you decide not to proceed with their advice. That said, we will only refer you to handpicked advisers that have shown an ability to add value to their client’s financial situations.

National Advice Network

Giving every Australian access to quality financial advice.